About Strelley Hall

Strelley Hall is a magnificent Georgian mansion in a rural setting, yet just a short drive from Nottingham city and excellent transport links.

The elegant large rooms and beautiful gardens make it the perfect choice for a wedding, either in the Hall itself or a Marquee on the lawn.

The Hall is an attractive period building set in parkland in the splendidly preserved Strelley village, about 4 miles to the north west of Nottingham. Strelley Hall was originally built as a castle about 1200 AD and has bccn modified substantially in the early and late 18th century and again in the 19th century.

Strelley Hall's history stems back from Saxon times and has even been the subject of an archeological dig, uncovering historical artifacts and dating most of the masonery in the range of 1250 to 1350.

There are many original features of the building including The Castle Room, thought to be part of an ancient tower, and The Panelled Room, dating back to Georgian times.

The Village itself is interesting in that Strelley Hall is separated today from the remainder of the village but that was not always the case. It is said that on a hot summer's day you can still see the outline in the grass of old cottages that belonged to the village.

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Strelley Hall
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